FX Trading Strategies by Category


Strategy type Strategy Level
Grid trading Hedged grid
Dual grid
Vertical grids (trend aggregation)
Basic grid strategy -
Double up/down Martingale
Anti martingale (reverse)
Range trading Basic range trading strategy
Pivot level trading strategy
A simple range scalper
Adaptive linear regression
The Bounce Trade
Forward Collar and Reverse Collar
Fundamentals News & event trading
Trading the yield curve
Trading interest rates
Trading on open interest indicators
Income Basic carry trading
Technical carry trade
Reverse carry trade
FX arbitrage
Option writing
Breakouts Retest breakout strategy
Straddle trade
Keltner channel breakout
Directional volume breakouts
Swing trading Momentum swing trade
Simple pullback trade
Pullback day trading
TRIX crossover
Trend following /
momentum trading
Anti martingale
Vertical grid (trend aggregation)
Aroon Crossover
The Turtle System
SMA/EMA Crossover
Triple Screen, Multi Timeframe
Scalpers Basic meta scalper
Price action Hammer Reversals
Momentum candle trade
Engulfing candle patterns
Contrarian Contrarian trading on historical patterns
Contrarian method for trading false tops & bottoms
Engulfing candle patterns
Hedging strategies Pair Hedging
FX Options
Spread trading
Divergence trading Cross market divergence II
Oscillator divergence (MACD, RSI, stochastic)
Divergence in stock markets

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